- History -

More than 150 years in the family!

The history of Sandvadet beginns amongst "the old" with
miss Johanna who came to the spot about 1860 at the age of 23 to live, stay and marrie Gustav Andersson.
When Gustav came to Sandvadet is´nt really clear, but he
should have lived on the place with his parents before
Johanna arrived.

Johanna och Gustav build a cottage where they growed
a family.

Photo taken about: 1910
To the left: Hilda Valborg Andersson
(second youngest child of eight to Johanna)
To the right: Alida "aunt Alli" Andersson (youngest child to Johanna)
In the middle: Johanna Andersson (mother to Hilda & Alida).

Today, more than 150 years later, a house stands on the
same spot were Gustaf and Johanna lived their lifes and
it´s still in the family - except now it has opened up
for visitors that search for "the perfect spot in Sweden"...

Welcome to visit Sandvadet!